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May 4, 2019

Today I am reminded that I was once a professional juggler, well not really but it sure felt like that! 🙃 Being a mother to a young child while I finished college, worked full time, made dinner, checked homework, read a nighttime story, attended PTA meetings, class trips, self care, <deep breath in > left no time for excuses! In honor of efficiency and busy lives, I’ve included helpful tips (below) on how to effectively manage your time.

For me, May and June include traveling to Barbados (📷), time in Austin with my daughter Jess (😍) and the month of June NYC  (YAY) plus meetings, shoots and edits life can sometimes feel like there is so much to do and little time to make it all happen.

With so much going on, I’ve found that as my task list gets longer, an overwhelming feeling of too much to do sinks in. When this happens, it’s harder to stay focused and tuning into the station of excuses, never helps! So, I did the: hands up, step away from my desk routine to review my to-do list and I highlighted the immediate tasks for efficiency sake, peace of mind and yes, to get this written! I collected my thoughts, revised my plan and with greater clarity got back to work and even scheduled in time for play! This week a dear friend and I were talking about using our time wisely, I found the notes below super helpful and hope you will too! (🙌🏽)

The Skinny on Time Management – How to Maximize Your 24-Hour Gift:

Notes on: Planning and Prioritizing the Level of Importance of Your Everyday Tasks.

If you’ve not read a Skinny On book yet – I would encourage you to pick one up. They’re super easy to read and fun too. Author Jim Randel uses stick figure drawings and a comic book style layout, with simple stories to quickly convey valuable information. Designed to be read in just one hour.

The Skinny On series has been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, Huffington Post, and Forbes Magazine.


1.     Self Awareness: Getting a clear idea on where you spend your time (self awareness).


2.     Setting Goals: think about steps needed to take to achieve these goals.


3.     Making choices on where to spend your time (identify essential,

eliminate the rest).


4.     Create time by eliminating procrastination, the dream killer. Use

unproductive time wisely.


5.     Declutter – keeping all items for one project in same spot.


6.     Planning and preparation “every hour in planning is worth five in



7.     Prioritize – what needs to get done first. What are your most

productive hours throughout the day? Use these hours to tackle bigger



8.     Focus.


9.     Develop positive regimes and habits.


10.  Find management techniques that work for you. Managing and planning

your time effectively makes the difference between proactive person and

reactive person.


Effective beats busy (four hour work week) busy = no time for reflection

“Time is a gift. It is your opportunity to make something great happen. To

illustrate your unique talents. To change your life. Every day we get 24 60

minute gifts to do something terrific. Even one hour – let alone a day, a

week, or more, is a very powerful palette when it is the recipient of all

your attention.” Jim Randel


Our hope for this blog post is that it continues to inspire you to dream, to grow and to create in fabulously authentic ways. May we all deepen our sense of creativity, cultivate change, fulfillment and joy in our lives and take time to acknowledge all that we have to be thankful for!

As always, we truly appreciate your friendship, your continued support and generous referrals.

If you have any suggestions, questions or thoughts please call or email I look forward to hearing from you!

sweet regards,

Judith Rae


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