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July 30, 2018

I loved todays meditation and had to write it out and share (below). Hope you feel inspired by it too. This image I’m featuring today was one that I captured on a trip to Aspen. I chose this image because it evoked a similar emotion as to how I felt listening to todays meditation. While traveling we rented a car and spent time exploring. My friend Ahmet and I drove past Aspen (in a convertible – rental car upgrade #thankful #avisrocks) and came face to face with this this majestic mountain. My heart leaped with excitement and I was taken aback by the size and beauty of this gorgeous mountain. So thankful for this magical ride, it just made everything seem perfect and complete. To see more from this trip and/or purchase prints, click here.

The Power of Attention:💗💗💗


Attention really is your power source.

You are creating your own reality by choosing what to give your attention to. What you give your attention to/ what you focus on expands. What we dwell on and focus on is what we receive. So if you want more in your life: more connection, more meaning, more fulfillment you have to learn to shift your attention (your power source) to something deeper and truer and from that pure and sacred place you can attract more abundance and goodness into your life. Bigger than any dream you’ve ever imagined for yourself. 💗💗💗


If you want a dream come true it takes more than dreaming the mind needs to focus in a special way using the power of attention.

What you pay attention to will grow.

If your attention is focused from the level of the true self it can attract anything and everything to you. Attention activates the energy of attraction. Every wish or desire is like a tiny seed which contains the blueprint for the tree that manifests from the seed.

The seed of desire which is also the seed of every intention needs nourishment to grow.

If you want a desire to manifest, here are some important ways to put the right attention on it:

1) Have a clear intention – don’t muddy it with compromises and excuses for why it won’t come true.

2) Have positive emotions around your desire, feel how good it will be to fulfill it.

3) Believe that what you want is beneficial for you without any negative consequences to those around you.

4) Be prepared for any response the Universe brings and be flexible about how you go from there.

5) Feel confident that hidden forces will come to your aid once your desire is released to the universe.

Being able to use you attention in this way depends most of all on your state of consciousness. Desires that originate in the True Self easily reach fulfillment.

Desires that arise in an agitated, worried, or confused mind will struggle to be fulfilled.

In meditation you expand and deepen your awareness, the more this happens the less effort is required to have successful intentions. When we allow our intentions to flow from the silence that is the basis of the mind the energy of attraction automatically obeys what the mind desires. 💗💗💗

Centering Thought:

My attention activates my desires

Sanskrit Mantra:

Hum Sa

Which means: Unboundedness is my true nature.  ♥🙏🏽💫

Here is a link to the 21 day meditation:

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