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May 30, 2019
Photo by Judith Rae, Anguilla.

Anguilla Photo: By Judith Rae, captured for a private destination wedding.

Monday was Memorial Day and as Alex and I jumped and laughed together in the waves I thought to myself what joy, what peace, excitement and deep gratitude I feel right now for this moment and for all of life. I then asked myself: how can I bring this feeling into my everyday life and into the work I do? The photography part, the busyness of business, the wedding day, the 15 hour shoot days, the travel days and the days filled with paperwork/emails.

Well today’s meditation had some answers for me, sharing is caring so here we go.

Deepak and Oprah :: Energy of Attraction Meditation :: Creating Peace 

Notes from what Oprah had to say: Peace, it’s the space where being is more important than doing. In fact, being at peace is being in the place of power and knowing. Peace is the power of the Divine.

Just by the way you are in the world you have the potential to bring about profound serenity when you manifest peace in your life when you become a beacon of calm and tranquility. Your presence is enough to light the way for others and people can see it and they can feel it in you. You simply have to hold the intention of peace for yourself and others. You then attract peace and all that comes with it, harmony, grace, love. That’s how you live the energy of attraction and that’s how you really make a difference in the world. ❤️

Notes from what Deepak had to say: Every time you experience expanded awareness you are getting closer to enlightenment but what exactly does that mean? The worlds wisdom traditions describe enlightenment as something you become not something you possess. What this means is personal transformation.

In an enlightened state your being is more important than your doing.

Mahatma Gandhi said ‘Become the change you want to see in the world.’ In enlightenment you can fully accomplish this thanks to an inner transformation. When you are truly yourself quiet inward attention is enough to activate natures evolutionary power. Benefiting everyone and everything. 

In living your Truth you stand for Truth with a capital “T” = expanded truth.

Enlightenment = expanded awareness .

Now you know where desire is actually taking you day by day. The evolutionary impulse  is speaking through you saying Grow, Live, Prosper. This is the eternal message of life. The reason for being here, the ultimate Spiritual secret.

Centering Thought: My presence creates peace. 

Today’s lesson is about manifesting the power to create peace in the world. Desiring peace for all is a big desire, and we create that influence of peace most effectively when we desire from our infinite, unbounded self. From that unlimited consciousness of peace and stillness, we simply radiate peace and joy from our Being through, and into, the consciousness of every other Being. You create peace by being the peace that is your deepest self.


Our hope for this blog post is that it continues to inspire you to dream, to grow and to create in fabulously authentic ways. May we all deepen our sense of creativity, cultivate change, fulfillment and joy in our lives and take time to acknowledge all that we have to be thankful for!

As always, we truly appreciate your friendship, your continued support and generous referrals.

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peace + love,

Judith Rae


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