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December 10, 2015

Living Your Dreams

Living your dreams is about being in touch with yourself so that you are clear on you want. For me it’s a daily meditation practice that reminds me of digging for gold. Each day you unearth a new treasure. Living wholeheartedly takes courage to believe, to be mindful of your thoughts, to be persistent and clear about what your yes’ are, to be grateful for what currently exists, to listen carefully to your intuition and take action steps towards your goals.

It’s great when we can envision what we want and sense what it feels like to have it. Yet, when we take it one step further and tap into that unwavering faith, our lives begin to shift. Knowing that these dreams are within us for a reason, the question then switches from “if” it will happen to “when” it will happen. We begin to take action steps towards our dreams and suddenly the Universe responds in miraculous ways.



Photo By: Judith Rae